Why Kettlebells are Great! The all-round Fitness Tool.

Why Kettlebells are a Great Fitness Tool

As a Personal trainer in Brighton, I've used kettlebells for a really long time. They are one of my favourite tools to use in a workout during my PT sessions. As a P.T, I've found them invaluable as they can be used in so many ways to increase a client's fitness.

They are at the end of the day just a weight, however, their unique design really lends itself to unique workouts.

Kettlebells or ring handled weights are probably one of the earliest forms of weight training that are documented and can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. Older isn't always better but in my mind, if the Spartans are documented using something, I'm generally all in!

I often use them as part of a personal fitness session for many clients simply because they are so versatile. They make a great substitution for plyometrics being far kinder on the joints, ideal for the older or overweight client or those just wanting to shape up in a limited timeframe. 

They can also be great at packing on some muscle and strength if that's your goal and, are ideal for time restricted clients being a tool you can keep at home always ready to go.

If you're interested in learning to either teach kettlebells in the Uk or, just for your own use and can get to Brighton, get in touch and contact me as often I will take people on 1-1 to progress their skill set.

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Kettlebells a great tool for personal training and all-round fitness

Kettlebells a great tool for personal training and all-round fitness