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Personal Trainer Brighton




Personal Training in Brighton & Hove

I've been a personal trainer in Brighton for over 15 years now so you be sure you are getting one of the most experienced fitness and health coaches in the business of personal training. I started Samuel Pont personal training to help people make lasting changes in their lifestyle and fitness, and i'd be happy to have you onboard!

Personal training should be exactly that - personal. No cookie cutter plans. No recycled workouts. Everyone’s different, and it’s about time we trained that way, too. 

As your personal trainer, I’ll be on-hand to take you through what I’ve found to be the most effective workouts and exercises to get you results in as little time as possible. Exercise sessions need to be not only functional but fun and motivating to keep you wanting to progress!


Being in the gym with a personal trainer is the easy part, though - the rest of the process can be incredibly challenging, and it’s for this reason that I’ll be helping you with planning your training outside of our sessions, whilst also providing a complete nutritional service to get you in the best shape of your life.


All my work comes with a 100% money back guarantee (ask me about it for what it entails) - that's how confident I am in my service. Feel free to ask me for references from current clients, i'm happy to put you in touch what ever your goal. During my personal training sessions in Brighton and Hove I've pretty much tackled all goals from fat loss, general health improvements to high end sports!


We can train as hard as you like, but if your nutrition’s poor, your results will be, too, and similarly, just because a person is lean, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re healthy, making nutrition doubly important.


During my work as a personal trainer in Brighton, I’ve helped everyone from high performance athletes to prenatal mothers get to their goals safely and efficiently. Whatever your goals from toning up, fat loss to just feeling healthier and happier, I can help. 

As a coach I pride myself on staying abreast on the latest of training techniques. During your personal training sessions depending on your goals I will use techniques such as kettlebells, bodyweight exercise, power lifting, yoga, standard weight training, there's pretty much every tool in my tool box that we can draw upon to get you into great shape.

Often people will fail at making long term significant changes to their either their weight or their fitness. How many times have you or someone you know joined an expensive chain gym, to quit within the first couple of months and be stuck with the payment?

Lack of accountability and expertise allows this to happen. With a combination of being accountable and having the best personal training and nutrition you will get the success and change in your body you want. 

All my personal training and fitness sessions can be conducted outside near Brighton's seafront, with the massive variety of functional equipment I have. Or I have access to a pay per entry gym where we can get under some serious weight if your goals point that way. From individual outdoor park fitness sessions to training in the gym i'll make sure you get the most out of your personal training each and every session.

Training for fitness outside is a great way to improve health and fitness. There is something of the X factor you get when training out in the sea air of Brighton. The combination of being outside, training, and Brighton's clean air you leave feeling invigorated and ready to tackle your weeks challenges.

Nutrition as stated before is extremely important. Dietary changes can be tough. I know- it's something I've battled with my entire life, however it's given me some great coping strategies around food that I can share with you.

Changing someones nutrition takes work, I'll be with you every step of the way to ensure your diet is on track and help you combat emotional issues as they arise. We'll make sure your nutrition is designed so you are hitting all your vital nutrients to support your training sessions.

As your personal trainer i'm not just there for your 1-1  training sessions, but I'm there as a coach 24/7 to keep you on track and tackle issues as they arise.  I can be involved as little or as much as you like. I've even been over to client's houses to meet their family members and discuss current issues. I can help plan with the whole family how to increase everyones health. No man is an island and knowing what makes you tick is how changes work best. 

If needed I'll also recommend some blood tests to test your endocrine system and other blood work. Certain hormones play a massive part in your fat metabolism and knowing exactly how these are in balance can help me make some direct changes to your diet and supplementation to bring things back into line. These are available as part of my personal training service and the added costs are actually pretty low. They aren't needed by everyone but it can be a useful tool to help get your fitness, health and happiness off to a great start quickly. 

So enough talk! I hope I haven't bored you! Please check out my other pages as I go a little more in depth into each fitness, fat loss, strength and sporting conditioning services.

Here’s to you getting the results you want!

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The greatest wealth is health.



 Personal training in Brighton and Hove

Personal training in Brighton and Hove

 Personal Trainer in Brighton

Personal Trainer in Brighton