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Personal training in Brighton and Hove

Setting goals is important, its the first step towards lasting change.

We'll start with an in depth free consultation where I'll gather as much information about you as possible. From previous training history, your current diet and get to know you better.


As your personal trainer I'll check out how you move too to see if you've got any structural imblances in your muscular system. From here I can really begin to optimise your fitness and health.


We'll work together either outside or in the gym depending which suits your goals best. All my personal training sessions are Brighton and Hove Based. If you are outside this area I do travel to other areas and countries on request. You'll receive expert coaching, session by session, and also high level routine planning so can be sure you're not wasting 1 minute of effort. Plus of course I will be there to motivate you through each and every hour.

Aside from our 1-1 sessions I'll set you a completely bespoke nutritional plan. Making sure you get the required nutrients for your specific goals. This is important for your success whether your goals are fat loss or sporting performance.

Then I will look at your various lifestyle factors to see how we can optimise your health and vitality, from unpicking bad dietary habits to improving your sleep. 

If you are only training with me once a week I'll set you homework to do too (or if you just want more !) . It will be completely tailored around your current goal set and your own individual fitness level.

In conjunction with all this you get me on tap as your personal coach. Feel free to text me any time if you're struggling, need advice or motivation. 

As you can see my service goes beyond what you may encounter from regular PT's in a chain gym!

I charge 400 for a block of 10 1-1 sessions , dietary setting and coaching contact during this time.





Who do I work with? I work with the complete fitness newbie to the professional athlete. All I ask is that you are dedicated to making a lasting change in the goals we set. I've worked as a personal trainer in Brighton for pretty much my whole working life, I don't just consider it my job but my vocation to make lasting changes to my clients health and appearance.


Fat loss and Toning- I'll start with an in depth assessment of your current diet then from their i'll make manageable and  long term changes to your nutrition. We'll also use the best techniques available to start losing the fat and getting fit along the way.Personal training needs not only to be effective but also fun to keep you progressing.

Muscle Building-We'll discuss exactly what shape you'd like to achieve then we will set about it, using a combination of free weights and callisthenics. We'll set you a bespoke nutritional plan tailored for your exact requirements. If necessary I'll recommend some hormonal tests to see where your current levels are and if needed we'll look at ways of boosting certain hormones completely naturally.

Fitness and Strength- Being fit, strong and agile is essential if you want to cope effectively with the rigours of life. We'll use a combination of kettlebells, free weights, callisthenics, yoga and other methods to make you feel fitter than you ever have. If you are training for a sporting event we'll get you in the best possible condition to compete at your best.

Health Optimisation- Personal training isn't just about improving the elements of fitness but also health. I'll do a complete current assessment of your body, strength levels, nutrition, fitness levels, lifestyle factors, nutrition,existing ailments and family history, sleep and also hormonal levels, then from there we will start to make some changes that are achievable and we will retest when suitable.


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Personal Trainer Smashing Goals In Brighton UK.


My Qualifications

Advanced Personal Trainer

15 years experience working as a personal trainer plus two years Physiotherapy training.

Advanced Kettlebell Instructor. I was one of the first in the UK to popularise kettlebells

Jiujitsu Purple Belt

Paul Check certified Core Conditioning Coach

Author of a published Sports Conditioning book

Developer of several world-wide best selling fitness workout style apps, Kettlebell Fat Loss Workout and Bodyweight Fat Loss Workout.




  • Battle Ropes & Pulleys

  • TRX

  • Barbells & Bumper Plates

  • Kettlebells

  • Free Weights in Gym for Muscle Gain

  • Callisthenics

  • Yoga

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