5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

5 reason to hire a personal trainer


Having a good personal trainer should be a life changing experience. Whether you are just starting out in fitness or are looking to employ a trainer to help you excel at your chosen sport, there are many good reasons to bring a professional on board to help. Being a personal trainer in Brighton is great, and i've met some fantastic clients who have also inspired me over the years.


1. A good personal trainer is an expert at what they do. If you had no idea at D.I.Y you wouldn’t attempt a loft extension by yourself. You should have no less respect for your body. An experienced personal trainer will be able to work with your distinct physiological and psychological makeup, helping you to reach any goals you may have by any routes necessary!


2. Injuries. We all have them. Whether its those dodgy creaky knees or bouts of regular back pain it would be very unusual that you wouldn’t have at least one issue as you get older. A decent coach will be able to help you work around these areas far more effectively than you would alone.


3. You’ll succeed quicker. Having an awesome PT onboard you’ll reach your goals far quicker than you would alone as you’ll not only be making the most of every session, but you’re far less likely to skip sessions too. You become accountable to someone apart from yourself. This is a two way street of course, you have to want to change but I’m sure by now you do!


4. You’ll save money. Strange as this may sound as having a good trainer isn’t what most people would class as a cheap thing to do. In the long run however you’ll save yourself more than you spend. If you add up all the failed gym memberships, exercise equipment that is never used and random harmful crash weight loss products, spent over a lifetime we are talking about big money. Not only that if you consider the financial cost of being sick from being out of shape with the increase of metabolic disease you’re definitely more than breaking even.


5. It’ll help you with more than just fitness. It’s hard to quantify this one but I think a good trainer should not just be a fitness don and nutritionist, but also part life coach, part psychologist and know their clients on a deep level inside and out. The positive benefits don’t just end with the client, each client has definitely added value to my own life.