Training vs Recovery

We all love to get the most amount of training in as possible right? However sometimes our love of the relentless grind of lifting , sport or competing can start to take a toll on an otherwise healthy body. Unless we sufficiently recover from our training sessions then your body will not make the due adaptations needed for results. We just end up compromising our immune , muscular and neurological systems and results at best can stagnate and at worst start rolling backwards!


Below is a simple table I’ve compiled that can be very handy when monitoring your own training or your clients recovery . You want the balance sheet day by day to total a 0 score . If you end up training more than an hour then of course this equates to more points . I've worked as a personal trainer in brighton for a long time , and most of the time I see people not training hard enough, however at the other end of the spectrum there are those who will smash themselves into the ground with no recovery.


A quick word on cryotherapy though . If you are using cryotherapy on a regular basis you may want to rethink how you use it . Recent studies have shown cryotherapy can reduce the adaptation phase after training so may reduce the physiological benefits of a regular Training session. So it may be worth using the day or two before a sporting competition to ensure you are totally recovered or after a big event , but maybe not so indicated after regular training sessions. When using the sauna be sure to replenish with electrolytes after too.


Please feel free to share this post to anyway you feel may benefit and gives us a thumbs up below and until next time keep strong - Sam.


Training for one hour + 10 points

Sleeping less than 7 hours + 5 points

Consumption of Alcohol + 5 points


-5 points 20 minute yoga session

-5 points 20 minute mobility session

-5 points 20 minute sauna

-5 points - regular cryotherapy session

-5 points 20 minutes of meditation

-10 points massage with a therapist