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Personal training  should be far more than just someone being with you while you train. I ensure that I am there to instruct you with the  best techniques available,planning your training outside of our time together and provide complete nutritional support to keep you in the best possible health and performance.

When you hire a personal trainer experience counts but also affordability. Thats why with me you are in very safe hands! Safe, effective personal training in Brighton and Hove.

I've been in health and fitness coaching for around twenty years now and have been training myself since the age of 7! I've helped athletes, to prenatal mothers exceed their goals and i'm looking forward to having you onboard.

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The greatest wealth is health.


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Do you want to become the best possible version of yourself. Fitter, stronger, healthier and able to deal with the rigours of life effectively?

Then I can help.


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A personal trainer in Brighton with decades of experience

Highly effective Personal Training in Brighton