Some Client Profiles trained by SPT

Yousuf Nabi


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- BJJ Black Belt

- Current English Open & British Open champion @ age, weight & belt class

- IBJJF European Championship Silver medalist.

- Amateur MMA record of 4-1


The most recent accolades include IBJJF 2014 European NO Gi Silver medalist, IBJJF 2013 European Gi Silver medalist as well as being a Gold medallist at the IBJJF London Open Gi, IBJJF London Open No Gi and the IBJJF Rome Open Gi and IBJJF Rome Open absolute bronze medallist.

I work with Yousuf regularly to increase strength, power endurance and conditioning to make sure that he 'Peaks' at the right time for each competition so perfoms at his optimal best.




Garrett McCarthy

Garrett McCarthy is an ultramarathon runner completing the Marathon des Sables- 251 km and  also several amazonian jungle ultramarthons of the same distance. It was in preperation for the jungle ultramarathon we worked with him to increase his core strength and endurance using a mixture of kettlebells and bodyweight conditioning so that he would excel during the arduous trial.


Florence works regularly in the West End most recently starring in the top musical 'Wicked!'. I worked with her over a year bringing her back to full fitness and health and ready to perform at her best!


''I am a professional dancer and singer working in the west end and had been off sick from 'The Wizard of Oz' at the London Palladium. Physically its a very demanding job and Sam has not only brought me back to fitness but I am far fitter and looking better and leaner than I have ever been!''