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A great follow along workout with randomised feature so you probably won't do the same workout twice! Great for full functional fitness and I also show some breath ladder work to work on your breathing control. Comes with easy, medium and hard settings - a great app if you are just starting out and need to get fit or are super fit and need an extra boost - click on the R.F logo or here

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Body Weight Fat Loss Workout! One of my flagship apps! Ranked in Apples top 10 for over a year, no equipment whatsoever is needed with this workout, just the weight of your own body. I show regressions for each exercise too, so you can be guaranteed to find your level. It'll work on not just burning fat but will ramp up your cardio and strength too. An all-round favourite of everybody! Click on the Burning B icon or here to go to the app.

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Kettlebell Strength Workout! One of my specialities is kettlebell training. The kettlebell represents an all in one tool to really improve your overall health, strength, fitness, agility and burns fat like nothing else. In this workout I take you through the best kettlebell moves that you can do in very little space and lead you on a great workout with some great scenery! Click on the kettlebell icon to go to the app or click here.